Week 19

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Technically I am halfway through this pregnancy; officially, I will be halfway next week. We are planning June 18th to be Sage’s official birthday, unless he or God have plans for earlier.

Halfway assessment: I get tired really easy. I cleaned the closet last weekend, got rid of my normal clothes and busted out the maternity clothes that will get me through the summer and did all the laundry, come Sunday I felt awful. I knew I had overdone it but dang it…I didn’t want to do anything super bowl Sunday. When I have busy, stressful days at work I go to bed at 8:30, just as soon as the boy is down. The good thing is the nausea has stopped and I’m no longer taking meds for it. I am very greatful for that. I purchased a workout vid I saw in Fit. Pregnancy from Gabby.Reece. I feel like a big lump from not working out and I’m hoping that will give me an energy boost.

Went to my big ultrasound today…the official one where they take a look at all of the organs and anatomy and measure. This of course was done by a tech who couldn’t tell us anything but the obvious or not so obvious, such as a tibia, fibula, kidneys and so on. It was great to see the lil guy again, movin around and I can’t get enough of seeing his little heart beating. I don’t feel him as much as I thought I would, if I would have chronicled my first pregnancy I may have some idea. But the tech said there was still a lot of fluid in there so I may not be feeling him all the time but I will. It looks as if he is trying out for an acrobat team so it is probably a good thing I can’t feel him yet.

Found out an interesting fact…the tech asked if I had had sugar that morning and I told him OJ…love me some OJ. He said that would explain why the baby was so active. I told him I had caffeine (which successfully quit) the last time I had an ultrasound and the lil guy looked liked he was trying to kick out of my stomach. The tech said it was the sugar that the baby was reacting to and not the caffeine. Evidently sugar is immediately transferred and felt by the baby, through the mouth. Good grief…I’m going to have a sugar baby.

My next prenatal appmt is Tuesday so yay, I’ll be able to get the results. He looked beautiful to me. I just can’t imagine what/who is going to look like when he is born.

On to work stuff…good grief I’m busy. We have two ladies out on maternity leave, two of my coordinators in Florida for the launch…PLEASE LET US LAUNCH TOMORROW and I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that everyone outside and inside the organization that can’t get a hold of the person they need is calling me. Well why shouldn’t they…I’m either everyone’s backup, covering or the default. It’s a love/hate relationship. I’m just tired and I really need us to launch and I’m not going to say anymore because I’ve read dooce and I know better than to talk about co-workers on my blog!

Peace out and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

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