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I had my gender confirmation ultrasound today. Yep…it’s all there and still a boy. I was so excited to see the lil guy. There he was in all his glory kicking up his legs like he already didn’t have enough room, if that is a sign to come…oh good grief. Thankfully I can’t feel him yet because he was going at it. All the excitement may have been from the vanilla chi latte I had this morning. Whoo hoo…caffeine! I’ll post the pix shortly.

I was relieved to see him again moving around, from his profile it showed his full lips, piggy nose like mine and his brother. Beautiful…simply beautiful.

A friend of mine had her baby January 15th; she is the first of four of us that work together to ‘shoot one out’ as someone referred to it the other day. A few of us went to see her yesterday. That was the littlest 9lb baby I’ve ever seen. Of course I’m used to a 42 pound baby…well…boy. Luke was precious. I just wanted to eat him up.

Our new washer and dryer were delivered yesterday. Thanks hon…but I’ve noticed an interesting trend…my hubby has now become obsessed with doing laundry. He was mumbling something about knocking down walls and redesigning the laundry room last night. I left him alone with his obsessing. He is most likely having blue prints drawn up as I type. I’m not crazy…he can keep on…keeping on.

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