Week 16

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Ready to hear the baby’s heartbeat again.

This weekend was very productive for the family. Saturday morning the hubby spent some time with the boy so I could get my home office in order. It’s been a pit for the last 6 months. In cleaning up I found my comforter from when I was in my apartment which is in perfectly good shape we just didn’t have a place for it…well now we do. I converted the futon into a bed and readied it for sleeping, complete with comforter, which gave me more room in the closet to ‘hide’ stuff as the hubby puts it. Having this available will help on those nights when I can’t sleep, i.e. the hubby is snoring to loud. Also when the baby comes I reckon I’ll spend the first few months up there so the hubby can get quality sleep to go into work and when we start trading sleep days someone will get some good rest in our bed. Bottom line…YAY! Big accomplishment!

The organization bug hit hubby as well as he cleaned out both pantries which is perfect since he again accuses me of ‘hiding’ things. This way he knows where everything is. Saturday night we had sushi…well…I had fake sushi but I tell myself it is the real thing so I won’t crave it so bad. It was good and I topped it off with raspberry zingers.

Sunday the boy and I headed down south to meet some friends at the Bayou Animal Park in Alvin. I never knew this existed. It is an animal park where the animal roam free and you get to feed them from the tram. As soon as we pulled into the park in our car we were attached by an ostrich, some Emu’s and a couple of Lama’s. I stopped to let some dear pass and an Ostrich came up and started pecking on my window. The Llama was on the other side trying to get our attention…it was really quite a scene.

After lunch we boarded a tram with our feed. The trip lasted about 30 minutes and the kids really enjoyed it. We saw all kinds of animals Lemurs, Ostrichs, Llamas, Deer, Zonkey, Rhino, I got to pet a Longhorn and a Camel. We also saw Zebras, Bison, 10 ft Alligator (which I did not pet) and various other animals. It was really nice, a bit pricey and probably only worth going a couple of times a year (Fall and Spring). I would go back. The kids were tired (except for mine).

The hubby stayed home and cleaned out the laundry room…we are getting a new washing machine and dryer delivered on Tuesday and that room was just another pit. The hubby surprised me last week by asking me to come take a look a few W/D and he said he didn’t like the fact it takes me more than two days to do a weeks worth of laundry and it was only going to worse with the little one so why not. He takes care of me. I can’t EVEN explain how much I loathe to do laundry. Well…let’s say I loathe doing more than three loads of laundry with more still waiting.

I have an ultrasound on Thursday. I am very much anticipating this appointment as we will be able to hear and see the baby. I guess because I’m bigger than last time and not yet feeling him regularly I’m getting ansy. I just want that reassurance everything is ok. Like I said last week I am still naucous and my boobs still hurt so I tell myself that’s something. I think I feel flutters every now and again but nothing regular and I don’t know if that is my mind wanting to think it is the baby moving or it really is. I think too much sometimes.

The boy is doing pretty good. We are getting better with the tantrums but he is very strong-willed and still wants to do what he wants first then he will ‘consider’ what you are asking. I don’t want to use excuses but he is three and we are seeing progress. Good days and bad days.

I also think he is warming up to the realization he is having a brother and not a sister. He did start saying good night to ‘baby Sage’ this weekend and kissing my belly. It took him a few weeks to understand it is a boy named Sage in there instead of a girl named Sydney.

The hubby is talking to the baby as well. Since my belly is becoming more pronounced it is something he can’t help but see every time he looks at me. He is happy just a lot to do between now and then. We’re an excellent team and we’ll get there.

More on Thursday after my doctor appmt.

OOOH…I think I felt him move a couple of times…he LOVES cherry limades I’m suspecting.

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