Someone Wanted to Say Hi!

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I love reading other people’s blog about their pregnancy week by week and I told myself I would be diligent in documenting my next pregnancy. Well…here I am week 15 and I’m just now starting. So…here I begin.

The hubby and I decided to try and have another baby. We have one son who is now 3 so we thought it was time. We didn’t really start trying until September when I bought an ovulation kit and dear hubby was right on target! A couple of weeks later and bam…two lines…looks like we’re pregnant.

I went to see my OB at 8 weeks for pregnancy confirmation. I was very nervous for some reason and nauseous plus the hubby and I were going through some stuff. But…we’re working on it and I’m not going to go into detail about that.

First of all I LOVE my OB. She is everything a doctor should be…personable, sympathetic, cute, knowledgeable and just an overall good person. She radiates goodness. She is only a few years older than me and it is comforting to know she has done it all…four times to be exact and she knows exactly what I’m going through.

The doc did an ultrasound and there the baby was…heartbeat a blazin. The doc said she thought it may be a girl based on the heartbeat (188). Oh man…the hubby was ecstatic. That’s exactly what he wanted to hear. I told her about my nausea and feeling tired…really tired. I just don’t remember feeling this way with my first…even though I know every pregnancy is different. The doc confirmed that ‘her ladies’ (I love that she calls them that) on their second pregnancy ‘FEEL’ everything much more than the first time. More tired, more pains…more everything. So…I must be doing it right…I guess.

Because of my age…a ripe old 35…I’m considered higher risk for a baby born with downs or cystic fibrosis and any another number of abnormalities so the doc recommended we get a neural translucency test and blood work done to analyze the growth and health of the baby and we also get an early opportunity to find out the sex of the baby through blood work. I spoke to a few co-workers that had the same test done for various reasons and they assured me it was non evasive and very helpful…just as the doc had explained so…we did it.

At 12 weeks, Dec 20th, I went in for the neural translucency test. The baby wanted to say “Hi” as shown in the pic. Everything looks good via ultrasound…everything is where it should be, all 10 fingers and toes. Now we wait for the blood work. They are going to expedite the gender testing to get us results prior to Christmas. YAY…I think I won’t tell the hubby and let him open his present on Christmas morning.

The next day I had my monthly OB appointment. I did the fun stuff that normally happens at the once of year checkup. The beauty is the doc is fast and friendly and it’s over before it begins. We listened to the heartbeat and she was happy to hear the US went well. I had more blood draws and that freakin tech butchered my arm. Gotta love when they are in the middle of getting blood from your vein and they turn the needle almost sideways. “oops” was what she said…really…oops…that’s all you can come up with. Now I have I nice purplish veiny marks on my right arm…for the next couple of weeks.

I got a call from Wendy, the lady who said she would call me about the sex of the baby around 3p and…well…I can’t tell you now…the hubby doesn’t even know yet. So I am going to the store and buy and outfit to wrap up as a gift and let the hubby find out Christmas morning. Man…it’s going to be hard to keep to myself.

I picked the boy up from school and we went to my Granny’s house to do our Christmas. We are leaving for California on the 26th and because of family tension we try to keep a low profile around the holidays. My Aunt from Tennessee is in town and I wanted to make sure we all spent some time together before we/she left.

I had told my Granny about the baby a few weeks ago but asked her to keep it to herself. I haven’t figured out a way to tell my parents since I haven’t spoken to them in a year and a half and going on six months of not speaking with my sister. I still haven’t figured it out…I guess I need to talk to my counselor about that one.

I decided to go ahead and tell my Aunt, Papa and Uncle and I showed them the US pic. They thought it was great but I hated not telling them what it was…since I knew…but I desperately wanted to tell the hubby first. We all had a great visit, I was so happy my Aunt got to see the boy and we were able to see Granny and Papa before the holidays. They all know about the issue between my parents and are supportive and hopeful we will all work it out. Ya know…I hope so too.

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