Christmas 2007

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The holidays are here and I am not sure if it because we are leaving, being pregnant or the stuff going on with the hubby and I but I am just not in the holiday spirit. I didn’t want to put the Christmas tree up and I probably wouldn’t have if we didn’t have a three year old that would have been very disappointed.

Thankfully the hubby took care of most of the stuff for the boy. I did help with some internet shopping for his niece and nephew, the only way to go. We scaled WAY back on the boy this year but still manage to get a ton of stuff…nothing like living vicariously through your child…lol. We had tamales for dinner. We are left the day after Christmas so we didn’t want to cook a big ole meal. It was very tasty.

Christmas morning found us up and around about 7:45…late by the boy’s standards. He is usually up and around before 7. Thanks son. We opened stocking stuffers first which took over an hour. WOW! Then we had breakfast. The hubby made his French toast and I made bacon…REAL bacon. YUM-O!

With our bellies full we went commenced opening of packages. As much as we scaled back we still managed to overwhelm the boy. LOL. Whatever…this will be his last Christmas by himself so let him have fun. I gave the hubby a poster of the boy I made with different pictures taken throughout the year, an automatic wine chiller, a couple of work out shirts and best of all…drum roll please…IT’s A BOY! That’s right. I bought a boy outfit and wrapped it up. He was a bit freaked out because he really had his mind set on a girl. I had a few days to wrap my head around because I too thought it was a girl. Oh…and when we told the boy…not happy. “I don’t like boys…”. So…we will ease into that one. The hubby got me some great stuff…one that stands out was a Coach purse and wallet…uhm…WE WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO BUY GIFTS! It was awesome and they are beautiful. He is always very generous and thoughtful when it comes to gifts.

We packed the rest of the day, only to stop for tamales for dinner. We wanted something low key since we were heading out for 9 days at the butt crack of dawn. And so our trip begins…

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