California 2007

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Nothing exciting happened getting ready or going to the airport. We were shocked to see it as crowded as it was. Our place left at 7:45a. I didn’t really know that many people flew the day after Christmas…the airport was packed.

The boy was excited as it was his first plane ride. He did great. Of course it wasn’t as relaxing for me as past plane rides but we made it…relatively unscathed. Thank god for portable DVD players. That helped tremendously.

We arrived in San Diego around 9:30ish, got our car and we were off to the hubby’s sister’s house to meet up with Nana, Papa, Mema and the cousins for breakfast. I was tired but it was very nice to see everyone and the kids immediately bonded. Stef offered to watch Seth while we went and checked in at the hotel and took a little nap. It was heavenly. So…this is what it is like to have family help. I so want to move to San Diego.

Thursday we went to and everyone else in the city had the same plan. It was relatively crowded but it wasn’t unbearable. The hubby took lots of pictures and it was really cool to see what they can do with Le.go’s. It was a long day but finally we made it back to the hotel for a nap. Thankfully it was only 5 minutes away. That night we had dinner at Mema’s. It was nice…again the kids entertained each other and we adults got to talk. I had a nice conversation with the hubby’s mom. She’s a great lady.

Friday found us at Nana and Papa’s house for Christmas. We started with stockings, broke for breakfast and finished 8 hours later with the packages. Holy cow…talk about tired…I stared feeling icky by the end of the day. We ended up eating dinner at Claim Jumper. Do not recommend. Gnasty food and I paid for it about 1:30 in the morning when I saw it again…

Saturday I stayed in bed all day. I felt like ASS…like an asses ass. It was bad. Lack of sleep, no appetite, which is not good when you are pregnant…especially when you are pregnant cause the baby wants his food regardless. So I was forced to go to the store they had in the lobby and picked up Pringles and peanut M&M’s and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Hubby and the boy went to the hubby’s longtime friends house for brunch. I was sorry I missed it…but like I said…ASS.

It was nice of the hubby though to give me the day to recover. He spent the day with Stef then went over to Mema’s and they decided it would be good for the boy to have his first sleep over. And he did magnificently. Went to bed on time, stayed in his bed all night, woke up happy, had breakfast. Man…I wish we were in San Diego.

Sunday we went to pick the boy up then met the fam for brunch before heading out to the Aquarium. We had fun but the boy was grumpy and so was mommy. I started feeling worse and decided we all needed naps. I woke from my nap with a fever so the hubby took the boy to Mema’s for dinner to give me some more recovery time. Dinner didn’t settle right with the boy because at 2 am I was calling the front desk telling them soiled sheets were in the hallway and could they send up more. Also…doing laundry at time in the morning was stellar as well.

Needless to stay I didn’t recover very well and the boy did. It had to have been the vodka in the spaghetti sauce he had at Mema’s. Nice…Monday the hubby went to pick up Stef and they picked up some movies for me along with medicine my doctor’s office finally authorized. It was heavenly. The Waitress was a good movie, don’t waste your time with The Ex and there was one more I don’t remember what it was…forgettable obviously. But it was better than what was showing on tv. Happy new year everyone!

Tuesday we went to Balboa Park with Nana, Papa and Stef. It was really nice and finally I felt good. I still had my cold but the medicine was definitely helping to keep me going. That night we called Mema and asked if she would watch the boy so the hubby and I could go out for sushi with Stef. SHE SAID YES. Again…why don’t we live in San Diego again?

We ate at Sushi on the Rocks it was nice and pretty good stuff. Of course I could only order the cooked stuff which wasn’t as good as the real stuff in my opinion but it was WAY better than nothing as I have been craving it forever. We had great conversation and I really think Stef and I had an great chance to bond. It was really nice and I’m glad we did it.

Wednesday we had breakfast at Mema’s then took the kids to Moonlight beach. A beach the hubby hung out on as a kid. It was really nice and the boy loved the ocean. It was his first beach experience and even though the water was cold he played and played and got wet and laughed and loved every bit of it. I got such joy seeing him have his first experience. What a boy.

Wednesday night we went over to Stef’s for pizza and Nana and Papa joined us. They surprised us with a cake and an anniversary card. It was very thoughtful of them all. We were leaving the next day and wow…we were all ready to go home. I loved San Diego, would love to live there but man…home is home and it was time to get back.

Thursday was a long day. It started out very nice. It was our fourth anniversary. Happy anniversary baby. We started off to the airport and settled in for the ride home. Thankfully it was an hour less than going there so that helped. The boy did great, better than on the way out there and he actually managed to fall and stay asleep during landing. Crazy kid. We did it…our first family vacation via plane…in the books.

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