Starting over…Again.

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I mentioned in my last post that taking a few minutes to read a few my running blogs really motivated me to make time for me and running. So…I just did.

I ran today. Ran 1 and walked 1. I didn’t have high expectations, I just wanted to get my sea legs out there. Luckily I was able to do a majority of the run under some shade on the 800 meter trail at work. While I was walking I took a moment to stroll down memory lane. This is where it all began last year, mainly because I was intimidated by the long track. I worked up to four miles before I thought myself worthy to run with the big dogs…then I smoked it and got up to 11 miles on the long track. Not to mention that training led to finishing a half marathon.

I took those first steps today again, onto something bigger. Over all it felt great. I’m planning on Yoga tomorrow so I can get a good stretch and if the boy stays in his bed through the night tonight I plan to get an early morning workout as well.

Here’s to first steps…

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