Jim.my Buf.fet – April 21th 2007

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I am no longer a “Buf.fet Vir.gin”. Oh my gosh what a good time! Here is a link to Hubby’s blog detialing his personal experience. (He’s a much better writer than I am…DON’T JUDGE ME!). With painkillers in hand we proceeded over to the tailgating lots. I’ve seen my share of tailgating for football games but for a concert! This was quite an experience, one that you can’t just read about…you so have to be there.

Almost immediately we ran into our neighbors Paul and Suzette. We didn’t even know they were going to be there.

We walked…and talked. I caught a guy checking me out so I went up to him and said hi. The hubby thought I knew him and wondered why I didn’t introduce him. I told him I didn’t know him…he was like…ok. LOL

A girl on crutches stopped us and asked what we were drinking “Are you drinking milk?”. Of course we are…on a warm day such as this…nothing like 64 ounces of milk to quench your thirst! Uh…mam…it’s a painkiller. What’s in a painkiller you ask…Orange juice, Pineapple juice, coconut milk and rum. YUM-O

We begin to make our way in to Min.ute Mai.d and the hubby and I stop off at the bathrooms. Well…the hubby does and I am stuck in a line halfway around Min.ute Ma.id Park. The hubby grabs my hand and says lets go…the guys bathroom is practically empty and the stalls are definitely empty. I think about it for a sec and I have had just enough to drink to agree. I put my hand over my eyes and go for it. The hubby guides me to the bathroom and I do my business tell him I’m opening the door…with my hands covering my eyes…he guides me back out and bam…it’s like nothing every happened. Apparently I got a few grins from guys coming in the bathroom. It was all good.

We get to our seats ON THE FIELD. It was awesome. We were located shallow centerfield. I had my nachos….gotta have me some nachos at the ballfield. Yeah…I paid for it later but it was worth it.

Rob.ert Ea.rl Ke.en came out and he was great. I haven’t seen him in about 6 years. I was a hootin and a hollerin…genuinely annoying the lady in front of me with the screaming. I apologized to the couple next to me and told them I’m a screamer and they welcomed to the family. Evidently the lady in front of me didn’t welcome…she kept giving me dirty looks every time I belted one out. So…I laid off a bit. REK ended up in true form with “The Road Goes on Forever” and it seems like the park erupted. FUN!

Jimmy was great…come to find out we were the opening concert of his summer tour. You wouldn’t have known it. It was awesome sharing the experience with the hubby.

We decided next year we were going to purchase tailgating tickets and make it a “flamingo” experience. Here’s to next year!

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