Flamingo – April 28th, 2007

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Tonight is Flamingo night. I believe I have mentioned this awhile back but for those who don’t know I’ll bring you up to speed.

Back in December of 2005 we had just moved into our neighborhood and one of the neighbors had a get together. I had mentioned that I had read an article about a cul de sac that had flamingo parties and wherever the flamingo landed that person would host the next party. Evidently the story stuck because the following day a flamingo was in our yard. Now that you are up to speed…

After a long sabbatical, 5 months, the flamingo reemerged a few weeks ago and boy did we get our party on. Kevin, Pam and Jane hosted a crawfish boil. It was a beautiful night so we spent the evening eating crawfish by the spool (spa/pool). One of our new neighbors, from the north side of the street, joined us. Us south siders don’t really get along with the north side…because they don’t represent. We’re not haters so we let them join in. We did take notice that they left early. It was their first one so we will let it slide.

As the evening progressed the topic of conversation seemed to have centered around the hubby and I. How we met, Russia and Finland…whether or next kid will be a boy or girl. Then…it happened. Kevin sat behind me and put his feet on my shoulders. Oh no you just didn’t…

That was all they needed and it was like vultures on a carcass. Needless to say someone has some very interesting pictures of me upside down in a chair and two of our neighbors, each with a leg in hand, one sucking one of my toes and the other massaging my other foot. GROSS. I am so the anti-foot fetish.

I had my fill around 1a…plus we’re paying premium baby sitting fees. I told the hubby to stick around and that I was going home. I think he stumbled into bed around 3a.

Needless to say he was hurting pretty bad on Sunday. We have the best neighbors ever! Except they need to stay away from my freakin feet!

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