Birthday – April 30th, 2007

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Another year in the books…looking back…I must say it was a pretty good year. I’m happy, healthy and loving life.

I decided to take the day off. The hubby couldn’t swing it since we are taking Friday off to go to Sa.n An.tonio. I was fine with that…I slept until 11a, had some breakfast then went shopping. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day…shopping!

I wasn’t feeling 100% before shopping and hit a wall and felt 35%. I decided to take a nap because the 13 hours I slept the night before were evidently we not enough. The hubby came home and I had dropped to 25% feeling well. Great!!!

After the boy came home we opened presents. The hubby’s Dad and Debbie sent a very nice card and some money. The hubby’s Mom and sister sent me some stuff from Old Navy. The hubby…are you sitting down…got me the GAR.MIN Forer.unner 305!! Snoopy Dance. The boy gave me a CD with MP3 of a TON of running songs. I’m sure he had help from Dad but…you never know.

I took some painkillers (not the drink) and started feeling much better.

The boys sang happy birthday and the boy got his piece of birthday cake. My man and I had sushi for dinner and had cake while watch ‘The Bac.helor’. It was a great day. (I can’t wait to run with my new Gar.min.)

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