Bayou Bash Relay

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Hey…look at me…getting up before dawn to go to a race. As I am getting ready evidently the boy came and got in our bed, an unfortunate habit that started a week or so ago. As I come out of the bathroom I tiptoe out of the bedroom hoping to go unnoticed. Thank God for noise makers.

I make it…out of the house. According to hubby about three minutes after I left the boy figured out I was gone and he was not pleased.

I’m on my way out the door and I’m driving out to Cre.ek Pa.rk. Funny thing…I have driven out to that park practically every weekend for 20 years. This is the first time I am returning in almost 10 years…with a different sport. A bit of nostalgia makes the ride a bit shorter. Ya know…10 years ago there was construction too. Good grief.

I get to the race…a bit later than I wanted. I make it just in time to be apart of my first official Strider picture. I then proceed to search the crowd for someone I don’t even know. I’m walking around…”Alma…Alma…does anyone know Alma…have you seen Alma?”. I’m starting to get a bit anxious because we are 10 minutes from start and I haven’t found my team.

Thankfully, I run into Steve with his clipboard and he directs me to where two of my teammates, Lisa and Janet are waiting for Alma. I run to the potty where of course there is a line and get back and Alma has arrived. Alma is running first, Lisa…second, me third and Janet fourth.

The Strider Die Chicks did ok 1:19:59…I of course have not trained and a Lisa and Janet were coming back from injuries. I’m not complaining I managed a 10:30 pace which is good for me who has not consistently trained since January. My teammates were lovely and I can’t wait to see them again at another event.

The post race activities we ok…I didn’t stick around for much. The pizza had run out and I couldn’t make myself eat ice cream and cake that early. Seriously…pizza, ice cream and cake.

I did get a chance to meet follow bloggers June and Vic. I introduced myself as Sandy and blank faces were staring back at me…Reddaisy…the blog. OH…recognition at last. It was good to chat with them for a bit.

I had a great time. I really enjoyed getting out and running again.

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