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Ok…so I blew my challenge last week. When I had initiated that challenge I forgot I had a hair appointment the next day. And I went from this…

to this sassy thing!

Totally worth it!

The rest of the week gave way to a bevy of working late to make up hours from said hair appointment, a court date from an expected run for the boarder and I’m not talking Mexico or Canada. Finally, the day I actually had time I went to the trails, opened the back of my car only to find a lonely pair of running shoes. The hubby had taken my running bag out of the car the weekend before and I didn’t know it. I always have my running stuff…just in case I get that sudden burst of energy to pull over whenever and wherever to bust out a few miles. Yeah right…I haven’t busted out to do any kind of running since February. So I went shopping instead.

So…today I made a conscious effort to get the bag in my car…and I’m running dadgummit!

The weekend was the perfect weekend. We managed family time, couple time and some time apart…perfect.

On Saturday we went to a BBQ at my boss’s house. I have worked here for almost 8 years now and this was the first of its kind; It was ok. The weather could have been better. I made the hubby go so he could put names to the faces that I have complained about over the years. It was pretty uneventful, the ones that showed he knew plus he spent most of his time chasing around the boy.

Sunday, the boy actually let me sleep until 9 and he and I spent the morning together running errands. The hubby planted our Queen palms. YAY…they are so beautiful. No more picking them up when the wind gusts above 5 miles an hour. I worked on the curtains in the bedroom and the hubby had already hung up or new print while I was gone. It looks so good. A few finishing more touches and we’re done.

We had the babysitter come over for a couple of hours to watch the boy as a precursor for next Saturday when the hubby and I are going to see Buf.fet. The hubby and I had a nice evening relaxing. We went to a sports bar for a couple of drinks. We arrived just at the end of the NAS.CAR race and a group of ‘necks were in the corner cheering and shouting at the TV. The hubby’s mouth dropped in awe. “I’ve never seen the likes.” Oh sweetie…I proceeded to give him a crash course in Neckcar. I can say these things as I am a 3 time Daytona 500 attendee and I have my pictures with several drivers. That was a past life…so I’ll leave it where it belongs. We finished up with our favorite…Sushi.

In conversation during our date…I totally suggested that the hubby go with the babysitter to see Bi.g D and the Ki.ds Tab.le playing at the tonight. When I came back from bizarro world…oh my gosh…I just said you could go out with our babysitter. That is not my final answer. He just laughed. Alhtough I trust him immensly it would look really bad! He didn’t even bite.

I’m looking forward to this week…being over. This coming weekend is gonna be supa dupa fun!

Good luck to those running in Boston this morning…that is some crazy weather.

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