Back in the Saddle…

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I committed to the Bayou Bash relay April 28th. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet the all of the Strider websites I’ve been stalking reading. Also it gives me some motivation to be more consistent with my running. Thinking about it…I’m really excited now.

Work is SOOOOO slow…I’m dying over here.

Anyway…the hubby’s birthday went great. He and I had a very nice relaxing day. We did a little shopping and bought some more wall art for the house. We have fallen in love with Di.dier Lour.enco. We picked up two more of his prints New Or.leans – Do it and Y Bic.icleta which now brings us to 4. Hubby thinks we have too many but I told him we buy the art for us…and that seem to make him feel better. We purchased New Or.leans for our bedroom because that place holds a special meeting for us. I fell in love with the other because looking at brought a since of calm and relaxation and I thought it would be perfect for my office. It looks like I am going to have a challenge with keeping it in my office as the space on my walls are not friendly to anything bigger than an 8×10 frame. We will see.

We had lunch in the Wood.lands at Bah.amas. The meal was very tasty and of course good conversation. We decided to head home and get in a movie before we picked up the boy from school. We began 007 Casino Royale…it was good, we didn’t get a chance to finish, perhaps this weekend.

After the boy came home we opened gifts and needless to say the hubby was very surprised…or he’s a really good actor…when he found Bu.ffet tickets in his card…on the field no less. Nothin but the best for my man…and he thought his concert days were over. Whatever…

The boy and I sang happy birthday and the boys blew out the candles and we finished the night with sushi. YUM-O I so wanted to take the rest of the week off with hubby…it was really hard to get up and go to work on Thursday…especially since I began a fight with the Euro.peans and the Rus.sians. I wouldn’t be too concerned though…as I am not the Pres.ident of the Uni.ted

I am looking forward to the weekend…tomorrow we have the birthday party and the rest of the weekend I’ll be working on house stuff from my to do list. It’s been over a year since we’ve been in the house and we still have boxes that haven’t been unpacked and decorating to do…AND perhaps a trip to the plant store. I love buying new plants in the Spring…oh the possibilities

Have a great weekend!

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