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I am finally back among the living. Good grief that was some serious stuff. I had the flu for about 5 days then I when I thought I was over it I got slapped with severe sinusitis that knocked me out for about 4 more days. I so wanted to rip my head off…flush some saline solution through it and move on. Like I posted before I hadn’t been this sick in probably over 20 years. So needless to say when it hit…it ran over me like a mac truck.

The hubby had a spell of the flu over the weekend…he seems to be doing much better and the boy looks like he got away with just a fever for a couple of days. Thank goodness.

Now that our sick house is recovering we’re moving on. The hubby’s birthday is tomorrow and we are planning on spending a much needed day together. For tomorrow’s festivities, I am thinking…breakfast at IHOP, sushi for lunch and perhaps a movie or shopping somewhere in between breakfast and dinner, just leave it loose…ooh a massage. Hmmm….

An update on running…there hasn’t been much of it, especially with the sickness and being too weak to move from the couch to the bed, I thought I would sit it out until I finish my antibiotic. Something about Achilles tendon rupturing as a side effect that I do not want any part of. I’m thinking I will start slowly next week.

The boy and I managed to go out to the Seabrook trails marathon and cheer on my friend and her family that was running as a relay team. They did great; I was really proud of them but sad because I wasn’t involved myself. Whatever…originally I was supposed to be in Florida for work but due to weather issues my trip was cancelled and I hadn’t been training. Oh well…there is always next year.

It also looks like the family vacation destination has changed. We still want to plan something relaxing and family oriented now we need to come up with a new place. It is difficult with timing because of the Shuttle. We could be launching anywhere from May 11th – 21st and I need to protect the week before and at least a week after for work…good grief, I would like an easy button please.

I hope everyone saw the March 21st episode of CSI:NY…and saw the hubby’s chocolate truffle showcased. If you missed it you can watch the episode on the ABC website. It was really exciting to watch and I got chills and it is not even my company. I am really proud of the hubby and all the work they’ve put in to their business. Don’t worry…the truffles are poison free…believe me I’ve had my fair share of sampling. But they really are to die for…

This weekend my friend is having a birthday party for their son…he’s turning one; what better way to celebrate than to have a crawfish boil. It’s a yearly thing for my friends and since Landon won’t know the difference we’ll be indulging in some mud bugs and suckin heads…I won’t…but I’m sure there will be plenty of people that will.

Have a great week.

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