Soupy Run

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Ran 3 yesterday 33:45…more like swam. It was soupy and I swear I ran through every single cob web on the trails. If someone that was driving by saw me they would have thought I was running like Phoebe on friends and I was at times trying to get out from the tangles of the cob webs. Overall it felt good, and no back pain!

I also worked out yesterday morning…got up at 5am. YAY me! But I am feeling it today. My hammy’s and my glutes are screaming…that’s a good thing right? I have Yoga today which should feel great and stretch out all that tightness.

Not much else to report. The boy and I are planning on going to the Seabrook Trails marathon on Sunday to cheer on some friends “3 Cowgirls and a STUD”. I was originally supposed to be in Florida for the Shuttle launch but thanks to mother nature that didn’t work out. So…I’ll be in the cheering section for this one.

Also, I cooked everyday last week! I told hubby that I believe that is the first time that had happened since we have been together. It is not that I don’t enjoy cooking it is the time that I don’t have. So…I’m using this down time at work and rearranging my schedule so I can so EVERYTHING. Workout in the am, run, get home in time to start dinner before I pick up the boy before 6. Whew…I’m winded just thinking about it. In all that chaos I find comfort in knowing I’m doing something for myself, fulfilling my obligations at work and keeping my family healthy.

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