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The week passed by and no post…sorry about that. Not that it was crazy or anything it seems time got away from me. The hubby and the boy are in our bedroom watching TV now so I thought I would use this time to my benefit.

I ran only once last week…2 miles. I injured my back about a mile and half…way up in my middle back, beneath my shoulder blade. I could barely breathe. I went to my trusty chiropractor and he fixed me up…I hadn’t had to see him in about a year. He said we caught the injury early so with a couple of visits I should be just fine. I felt 100% relief when I left.

On Thursday a couple of friends and I did Yogalates. It was awesome! Friday muscles I didn’t even know I had were sore. Even way down in my woman parts. LOL The best part is I talked with the instructor about my back injury and she gave me a couple of stretches to work it out. OH MY GOSH. By Friday I had no risidual pain. Just like that. LOVE YOGA.

I’m rearranging my running schedule yet again. I want to incorporate Yoga and the Yogalates and weight training and the only way to do that and not kill myself is to run on the weekend. Which means I have to get up early. You so don’t know how much of a sacrifice that is for me. I love to sleep. I think the Houston heat will eventually remind me that I am making the right choice.

The family went to Chuck E Cheese this morning for a birthday party. The boy had a lot of fun. Nothing like pizza and cake at 10:30 in the AM. We stayed till about 12:30 and he was just exhausted.

It was a beautiful morning for the Bayou Classic…I hope all ran well.

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