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I LOVE productive days. Email has been down at work, internet is SLOW and nothing worse than slow internet. So…I’ve knocked 6 things off my “work” to do list, made a list of what is going on in the next two months of weekends, wrote down what I want to get accomplished AND got the hubby a birthday present (nope…you can’t make me tell). Whew…it’s just after 1p and I’m already tired.

A few of us formed a weight watchers group at work with about six women in my group. I’m uber excited…I’ve got about 10 lbs of baby weight that I would like to get rid of plus a bit more to challenge myself to see how much more I could lose if I really worked at it. Oh yeah…and I’m going to Cali in a couple of months…the land of plastic and size 0. Portion size is my issue so I purchased me a food scale and we’re off and running. Literally…I plan on doing 3 miles today. I’m excited about running again…hopefully out of my funk. Thanks Steeeve and Pony for the words! I’m getting back to it!

This is the first time I’ve done something like this with a group…all of us girls are type A’s so it will be an interesting experience. We may have to hand out happy pills at the start of each meeting. I LOVE REWARDS. I’ll mention progress everyone once in awhile here…but I will have a separate blog for this one.

Update on the boy…he is doing much better. Only two times at the office last week instead of 5. The school even said they see a big effort and progress. That so makes us feel good. As parents we need just as much reinforcement as the kids. We’re going for no days…at least we are closer than a few weeks ago.

The family is planning on a trip to Cali to see the family in May…so I’m working on getting ready for that…physically and mentally. Although I am going to continue with my running training I am not planning any races until after May. It will be hella hot but like I said I just planned my weekends for the next two months and it’s not looking pretty; coupled with a Space Shuttle launch that may or may not happen in the next couple of months. I need a nap.

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