I'm coming home…

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Well…much to my disappointment I did not run at all this week. As much as I planned and prepared to run I did not. My schedule wasn’t very friendly and I didn’t have my own car to go do my own thing so I was at the mercy of others. Enough excuses yet? I will start again on Monday when I am back to my routine.

I will be back in Florida in a few weeks for work again along with a lot of others including Spring Breakers and families. I know this because every freakin hotel room is sold out. Thankfully I managed to secure a hotel on the beach and I will have my own rent car. SWEET! Now I just need to figure out my schedule. Shuttle launches at 6:30a make it very challenging to function on a “normal” schedule. I originally thought the fam could come down and we could do a sidetrip to disney but the ugly schedule did not really make that possible. Oh well…perhaps next time.

Nothing really news worthy to report during my stay this week in Florida. The weather was outstanding although I didn’t make it to the beach. As I said before…we do actually work over here. Dinners were good…and I had Wahoo for the first time. That is a fish that I always see on the Babin’s list of fish but they never carry it. It has a Ahi texture and flavor which causes me to pause and think that perhaps they used Ahi in stead of Wahoo. Who knows…whatever, it was still a great meal.

I am heading home today. Reports from home say that the boy has had an outstanding week. No trips to the office and he hasn’t been giving his dad a hard time. Looks like we’ll be making a trip to the Houston Museum on Saturday as promised. YAY! Jodie and her son may be joining us.

Defensive Driving is complete! That was the most expensive trip to taco bell I’ve ever had. Thank God it is over.

Be safe this weekend. Good luck to those running.

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