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Busy…busy…busy. Running first then an update for the week. I ran 3 on Tuesday. I was going to do 4 but didn’t “lube” up and I had to stop at 3. I thought about going on but I didn’t want to be miserable for the 5K on Saturday. I was able to test the skirt performance with wind gusts and the skirt performed swimmingly. The wind was crazy! If I could have just kept running with the wind I would have had a rockin good time but been somewhere in Galveston by the time I finished. So…I stopped at three.

Wednesday of course was Valentine’s day. I took off work early to attend the boy’s crack Valentine party at his school. When I arrived the kid’s were all sitting in their chairs trying to see each other over the plates piled high with crack sugar cookies with icing, small cupcakes, big cupcakes, cookies with more icing, and cheese. Yes…cheese.

The boy and I managed to escape with a small cupcake and some cheese…yes cheese. He didn’t go to the office so we were very celebratory! He was so excited.

The hubby made a great dinner for us. Chicken stuffed with portabello and wild rice, asparagus and cous cous. It was fabulous. The roses were gorgeous and I love my “Daughtry” CD and of course chocolate. We had a very nice evening.

Not much else is going on…well alot is going on but it is more tedious mentioning EVERYTHING. I’m running in Galveston tomorrow…I will be seen in my sassy root beer colored skirt. The temps seem manageable. Last time I ran in this race it was in the sand, against the wind. Thankfully they decided to keep in on the sea wall. I even more excited about breakfast afterward. I love running but I love eating even more. I think I heard before…I run to eat. That would be me.

I’m off to Florida for most of the week next week starting on Tuesday. It’s not a vacation it is work. Yes…we do work contrary to popular belief. I’m excited to have a new location for my training runs. Early mornings running on the beach seem really relaxing and motivating. That reminds me…I need to get that massage I was planning a few weeks ago.

Oh…they unrestricted access to blogging at my work…THANK GOD!

Happy racing this weekend.

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