Fabulouso Family Weekend

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Saturday the hubby and I took the boy to the Woodlands Childrens Museum at the Woodlands mall. The boy LOVED it. It is a great place for toddler’s and young school children. They can play make believe to their hearts content and they had something for everyone. A grocery store, operating room (complete with guts), school room, dinosaur pit. The boy didn’t want to leave and now he asks us when is he going to get to go to the museum.

Sunday we took the boy to ride go-karts. Oh My gosh! It was totally amazing. The boy had a smile on his face from ear to ear the entire time. He rode with dad first then with me. The boy would look behind me and tell me to go faster. It was really awesome. We had a great family weekend.

Monday was busy but I did manage to run my 3. I wasn’t looking forward to it because it was pouring rain which meant I had to run at the Gilruth gym. Normally, I’m not a sweater even in 95+ weather…I glisten. However, because they keep the gym at 80 and the fans are pointing above my head I am now a bonafide sweater; and not the kind that keeps you warm when it is cold. As I tried to keep the pouring sweat out of my eyes I did a bit of speed work. Man…I’m feeling it in my quads today. I like it.

I got my skirts in yesterday!!! YAY!!! I can’t wait to run in them. I am so happy I now have added Root beer and Sangria to my collection.

I’m running 4 today. It is especially windy…but it will be nice to run outside and avoid potentially dieing from a heat stroke in February.

Oh…My hubby, the chocolatier, got a call from the folks at CSI: New York and his company’s truffles are going to be in an March 21st episode…and it sounds like they are going to be part of the main plot AND poison is involved. How cool is that!!!

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