Weatherman Smeatherman

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I was promised sun today. Who can I talk to about this? I was promised temperatures in the 60’s…I, we, everyone was promised warmth and sun. Someone must pay. If I was so inconsistent with the data I presented at work I would be fired from my job. Who is held accountable? Seriously…I dressed for 60 degree weather. I had my sunglasses on my head in preparation for the glaring orange ball of gas to be blinding my eyes. I wanted to be blinded with sunshine. What do you know…Disappointed yet again. I would have more respect for the weatherdude and dudette if they just admitted the best and worse case scenerios…it may be high in the low 50’s if the front speeds up. It may be 65 and sunny if the front stalls. I may get it wrong folks so prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That…I can live with.

Okay…rant over. Cause…it’s Friday night…and the girls are going out! (Snoopy dance)

Have a great weekend! My advice to you…layer up. Cause it doesn’t matter what they “forecast” walk outside and you will always be 100% correct.

Good day.

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