Just call me Twitchy

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The weather and work won yesterday and I opted out of running. Today is supposed to be a warmer, drier day and since I’m going easy on my mileage for this first week back my plan is to do 4 tomorrow with speed intervals. How exciting…it’s forecasted to be 65 and sunny. Is it possible?

For those that inquired about Surfside…No, I’m not planning on running there next week. This year I am planning one race a month, that’s about 10 more races than I did last year. I will be running in the Mardi Gras 5K the following week. I will wait and read everyone’s stories and decide if Surfside is on the agenda for next year.

I found out I have a condition called benign eyelid myokymia. In laymen’s terms…a twitchy eyelid. They can make the simplest things sound incredibly important. According to Doctor world wide web, it’s a condition often associated with emotional stress, fatigue or excessive caffeine intake. Isn’t that the defintion of motherhood? There is no medicinal cure…evidently it just goes away on it’s own. I guess I can expect relief in about 25 years.

The hubby and I met with the boy’s teacher this afternoon. All is well in behavior land. She said he has been doing much better this week and she will keep up updated on his progress.

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