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After a two week break I finally got back to running again and I am so happy about it. I had to take a week off so my blisters would heal and last week…well…honestly with the weather I just wasn’t motivated. I did an easy breezy three, a bit faster than I planned but the cold and the wind may have had something to do with that.

Everything felt great and I was reminded how much energy I have at night for the family and how much better I sleep. I’m up for 3 again today…I’m taking it easy this week. I’m planning speed training for tomorrow. I really want a new PR in Galveston.

The weekend stayed busy, the hubby was sick and we worked on the boy’s behavior. There are some really good books out there regarding “strong willed” children and much like a marriage you are reminded during times like these you cannot become a complacent parent. Unfortunately strong will doesn’t bode well for a child that is trying to be taught structure but I have every confidence he will use that structure and strong will to his advantage as an adult.

The boy went to the office again yesterday morning so he did not get his “cars” or get to watch his shows last night. We spent alot of time with him last night and it was totally amazing to see him morph into a well mannered, pleasant child. We have a meeting with his teacher tomorrow. Here is hoping they will reinforce what we are doing at home to make their life much easier. I can’t imagine trying to corral 12 three year olds ten hours a day, five days a week.

The girls and I are planning a “girls night” on Friday. YAY!!! Mexican food, margaritas and a chick flick are on the agenda. It’s funny how “girls night” has taken on a different meaning nowadays. We are all in much different places now. Three years ago girls night meant napping before the club, the club until 2a and IHOP until 4am. Oh good grief. The thought of staying up past 11p just makes me tired.

I better get back to it…work that is.

Oh…I saw my first robin this weekend…Spring is near…

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