The Curse

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Thank you to all that provided advice and confirmation for speed training. I am grateful for the overwhelming response. Thanks Junebug for sending everyone my way.

I decided to take off one more week and I can honestly say that I am truly ready to get back to it. I am feeling like I am forgetting to do something as I have come to enjoy my running adventures and work is starting to get crazy again and I need to run of some steam.

I am very excited about the speed training. Thanks for dumbing it down for me. For all those that invited me out to Memorial, that is a little out of the way for me as I work South and live North East. I have a 50 minute commute already each way. No worries as I have an 800 meter track that is available for speed training days at work or one at the school down the street from my community.

I am currently planning on doing the Mardi Gras 5K beach run in Galveston on the 17th and the Bayou City 10K March 10th. So I better get to it.

So…on to family matters…

I get a call from the hubby this morning and evidently the boy’s school called to talk about our 2.5 yr old’s class disruptions and behavior issues. Not to make light of the situation we are totally addressing the situation at home and looking for ways to help the boy and his teacher cope with these new developments but I can’t help but chuckle to myself.

The curse does exist! My parents received many of the same phone calls regarding class disruptions and behavioral issues when I was growing up and no… they didn’t put me on Ritalin…although they probably would have liked to. So instead…they cursed my children. I always had the “needs to pay attention” and “needs to follow direction” boxes checked on my report card until the 4th grade causing many many weeks of being grounded and various other punishment that was enforced on my parents.

As luck would have it my son is carrying on the family tradition. The hubby is off developing a reward chart and I am stopping by the book store for a couple of books in order to better understand the issues at hand. And I was going to get a massage this afternoon…now I have to go be a parent.

I am extremely thankful to have that opportunity.

Everyone have a fun, safe weekend.

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