I’m Melting…

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Since my run last weekend I have been enjoying some time off. Honestly, I’ve been looking for a training program that works on speed. Now that I know I can do the mileage I want to speed up. I thought I found a program last week and I was all motivated to start today but there were so many different numbers and speeds I couldn’t bring myself to pack my clothes and I didn’t prepare my crib sheet. Any tried and true suggestions would be helpful.

It’s not that I don’t understand the reason for all the different numbers. I am just wondering if there is something more…less scientific…out there. BTW…I’m exaggerating, I think it is the heat in my office. Through the blurred vision I see palm trees swaying in the nice cool breeze, a lava lamp from Pinche’s waiting for me by the lake. Aaaah…then I wake up.

They cannot get the a/c and heating to work properly in my building. Last week it was cold in every one’s office (comfortable in mine) now it’s 80 degrees in my office and comfortable in the others. My makeup is literally melting off. Tomorrow I’m wearing a tank top and a skirt with cute little strappy sandals to work. Enough!

The weekend was good. Sunday our featured film was “Antbully”. I would give it 3 out of 5 goobers. The boy was riveted, he sat in his chair with his popcorn and goobers, eyes glued to the screen for an hour of the 1.5 movie. We had our first family dogpile afterwards. That was awesome.

I joined Striders last Friday. YAY!!! I have been reading several blogs since August and I really saw the support and camaraderie from the club, especially with the half/marathon last weekend. I didn’t have to give it a second thought when I was invited to join. I’m looking forward to getting involved.

In the future I will not be inundating you with “6 things only your first boyfriend in college knows about you”. Initially, I thought it was interesting and provided a bit more insight for readers like me that haven’t met you all face to face…Yet.

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