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Friday update, I only ran 6 after much consideration and reading a few articles and convincing myself I can’t make up a months worth of training in one day. The weather was on the warm side but not uncomfortable. I ran in my skirt and LOVED it. I felt so “free”. I may be behind the curve on the noteriety but I loved it and will purchase more.

I was a buckethead and got sick later that evening. I didn’t eat enough. I am really struggling with that. I went in knowing that I didn’t eat but I brought an extra bar and gatorade and ate as soon as I got home only to lose it all. I feel like I need a number of calories to have consumed before running so I am sure that I won’t get sick from the lack of eating.

I received my confirmation card for the half marathon. Scary…it’s actually here. Nicole asked me what I was going to be doing on Saturday and I told her I would be cowering under the covers from the fear and anxiety of Sunday’s race. You chuckle but it is not that far from the truth. I’m ready for it to be over. I hate checking the weather every hour…no knowing what to expect…will I eat enough? Will I sleep in? How early should I get there? Ok…I’m done…I’m really starting to freak out.

I’ve got to go buy a new battery for my watch. I haven’t used it all through my training but I’m suspecting my Nano is jacking up and I want to be crystal clear on my time and pace now matter what my Nano says.

Saturday night the hubby and I celebrated our anniversary dinner at Ruggle’s. I love adult time…it’s so much fun getting all dolled up and eating a restaurant that doesn’t begin with Mc!

We ordered rib-eyes, had wine and a big ole dessert…EACH. YUM-Y. Then we proceeded to get pulled over shortly after leaving the restaurant. Thankfully the cop took pity on us and didn’t write us a ticket for ignoring an imaginary sign that said no right turn after 6pm on the second Saturday of the month. WHAT? Okay…we don’t go to midtown much and there may have been a street sign that says not to turn but really…they inadvertantly close roads after certain hours? Why not just block off the freakin street. I’m over it…but I do believe the carseat in the backseat really helped say “look…we’re out being adults, we have a small child, give us a break”…and he did.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. The boy was sick Saturday and Sunday but we managed to pull him through. He is a great boy.

The hubby purchased us a smoothie machine. I mentioned getting one and he said we have one…it’s called a blender. I proceeded to counter with the cons of the mixer and I guess I argued my case successfully, he went out a few hours later and bought one. LOVE HIM!

I didn’t charge my Nano so I’m going to run my 3 tomorrow.

Off to check the weather for Sunday and go by some Tylenol PM so I can sleep the rest of the week.

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