Going for 10

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I didn’t run yesterday but I thinking I made the right decision. I am planning on doing 10 today and my knees have been bothering me lately. I think it is because I’ve been running on concrete the last few times at home and I’m used to running on asphalt at the trails. I’m sure I will be hurting severly after the race on Sunday so I absolutely must remember to pop a few Aleve before the race.

My manager scheduled a meeting at 2 today and I was planning on leaving at 2:30 so I can be done with my run by 5. Hopefully it will only last the 30 minutes she scheduled. It is forcasted to be rather warm today, mid 70’s, it is 59 now and I highly suspect it won’t get above 70 but I’m not a weatherman…but I could be.

I’m excited because I got a triks running skirt for Christmas that I plan on running in during the race next weekend so I will be trying it out to see if I like it. FUN!

I mentioned I would have goals for 2007 by the end of the week. I have my “list”, it is taking me a bit longer because I am actually planning out how to acheive these goals and the only way I can do that is by formulating a plan of attack. I have noticed that many people who actually make goals or resolutions simply have a “list” and a list without any meat is just a list of words. So…I’m working on the meat.

The hubby and I are officially celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Ruggles on Saturday…the place where it all started. Whenever anyone asks one of us how we met I can’t help but smile and then laugh because the sun, the moon and the stars lined up on November 21st, 2002. So…here’s a brief summation.

In the fall of 2002 I was done with dating and focusing on myself and in anticipation of living and working in Russia for three months the following Summer it was all about having fun and new experiences. So…on the news one night I saw a segment about speed dating (8minutedating to be exact). So…I signed up on the internet and persuaded a few other friends to come with and BAM…as soon as I walked in the door I saw my future husband and he turned out to be date number 3 out of 8. Of course I was just going for the experience and never in a million did I expect 7 months later he would be proposing to me in Moscow. He did…

So that’s our story…and the hubby…a test to the truly amazing and thoughtful guy he is made reservations for us to have dinner at Ruggles. The place where it all began. (Ahhh)

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