Cleaning House…so to speak

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Yesterday was my first day of work after the long break and I did a bit of cleaning house. In honor of my anniversary I finally deleted my maiden name from my automatic signature. Yes sweety…you have proven that you are sticking around – my gift to you…happy anniversary. I still need to figure out how to change my voice mail. I still receive messages…”uhm your message still says ‘Allen'”. Uh…I know…It is part of my ploy to make you think you have the wrong number and perhaps you won’t leave a message. I guess I’ve been found out. Since the gig is up I guess I have to find out how to change my phone mail message.

I ran yesterday…yes…just as I said I would I did…whoo hoo. Except…I had to run indoors because it was raining. I was mentally prepared to do 5 miles on the treadmill and I even left work early so I wouldn’t catch the “peak times” for the treadmills. I was only able to due 3 and even went over the allotted thirty minutes (I know…I’m a rebel). But there were people waiting and the treadmill practically broadcast with a minute by minute commentary how long one has been exercising.

Dang everyone’s New Year’s resolution. I wanted a sign over my head that says I get to stay here because I’m training for the 1/2 marathon and I didn’t decide yesterday to start working out. Then…a good angel in my likeness, complete with Nike apparel, popped up and reminded me the courage and strength it took for these people to come and workout and they should be rewarded so they will come back and lead healthier lives. πŸ˜€ Therefore, I relented and decided to due 20 minutes on the bike. Yeah…not the same but nevertheless I did exercise for about 55 minutes in all; but for my sacrifce I saved a muscle from turning into fat.

It’s raining pretty crazy this morning but it is expected to clear of by this afternoon. I’m looking forward to getting back on the trails for my 3 miles, I’ve missed them.

Have a productive day!

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