Hel…lo 2007!

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The Christmas tree is put away, the lights all snuggled in their storage boxes while visions of sugar-plums faded with the season. 2006 was a good year for the Wayne family. I’ll post a link to the annual Christmas letter that sums up the ongoings of the year. The closet and most of the rooms have been organized. (It’s been a year in the house and we still haven’t unpacked all of the boxes)…that’s a goal for this year.

Today is mine and the hubby’s three year anniversary. The hubby asked me this morning if it felt like three or thirty. I told him thirty… but in a good way. We each had “previous lives” and the reason it seems like thirty is because I do not remember a life prior to ours together, not the oh my gosh you are sucking the life out of me.

I am very happy with “us”. We both understand the work and effort it takes to actually have a happy marriage, not the facade of one. We often look back at our rocky beginning, prior to being married, and laugh at how far we’ve come and who would have thought we would be at this point in our lives both happy and fulfilled. I love him for the constant love and support he provides for me and the loving father and ambitious man that he continues to be. Thanks for picking me. Go Chargers!

11 days till the half marathon. I’m both excited and worried. I inadvertently took off a month of training between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have been consistent the last couple of weeks. I only have myself to blame and you know what…I’m not doing that either. It is what it is…I am going to try to accomplish a PR record of 2:30 and a PD record of 13.1 miles and if the PR is 2:45 then so be it…I’m out there doing it.

I love the new year. For me, as with most people the new year is a demarcation of starting fresh. New goals, a time to plan for self improvement and the possibility for new achievements. How exciting. I’ve organized my side of the closet, donated old clothes that have been in storage for over a year or been in bags for more than three years. (I plan on tackling my office this weekend for the finale). I am working on my goals for the year and with one of those goals consisting of being more articulate I won’t expand on any more until I am sure of the the list and what steps that I am going to take to successfully achieve those goals. I love the new year.

I am running 5 today. I ran 3 on Monday and I tried to stay at an 11:00 pace, I’m really going to need to keep that pace if I want to get close to my intended PR. I bounced all around 10:00-11:45 and wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be. I plan on working on it again today. It is supposed to rain, hopefully it will hold off until after my run. I am scheduled to due 8 on Friday but I’m going to go for 10. I have only ran 9 miles once so I’m going to do 10 and focus on my pacing (11:00/mile)and I’ll report back on my success. I’m putting a lot of pressure on that run to gauge my readiness for the 14th. It is what it is…right?

Be sure to tune in for the 2007 Goals to be posted by weeks end.

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