"The List"

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My life is a constant list. A work “to do” list, a home “to do” list, shopping list, good or bad list. If I didn’t have lists I would just stay curled up in bed all day sleeping. And…yes…that is on my list.

One big HUGE thing that was on my long term list for the last three years was the dentist and to finish all the restoration that was necessary due to neglect for the last 15 years. And today I can finally check that box. ‘snoopy dance’

Estimating $4K later I am “clean” again. No more ugly silver fillings on every one of my back teeth, no more decay and I’m primed and anxious to start looking at veneers or lumineers for my six top front teeth.

Also…LOVE the N2O! Why hadn’t I been offered that yummy stuff before? I’m a chicken when it comes to the dentist and I get VERY anxious. (Bad experiences as a child) Needless to say the hubby had given me Valium a few times to calm me down. When we ran out I had to resort to other means. Today was a piece of cake. I had the IPOD going, low enough where the dentist would get a response from me when he asked if I was ok every 5 minutes. Heck ya I’m ok…I’m spinning in N2O land with Snow Patrol. Best 45 bucks I’ve ever spent.

I didn’t run yesterday. An “issue”, no…AN ISSUE…came up and a team of us had to work out the details to fix the ISSUE. Yeah…it’s a doozy and yeah…that bad.

I’ll only run 3 today, I was supposed to run 5 but I don’t want to injure myself from all the slacking. I’ll run 5 tomorrow if I feel good about my three today.

Today is officially my last day before 9 days of vacation (not including weekends). There is a list…and boy howdy I can’t wait to dive in. The hubby and I are spending time together tomorrow, I’m very excited. Errands in the morning and lunch and the Rocky movie in the afternoon. It will almost be like old times. Whatever that was like. πŸ˜€

Wishing everyone (all two of you that actually read this) a happy and safe holiday. Get your run on…less than a month till the Houston Half! Don’t give up now.

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