Pinprick at the end of the tunnel

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I’m starting to see it…it is only a pinprick but it is a means to an end nevertheless. Packing is tomorrow and all of the changes are approved. The changes are feverishly being worked today and hopefully I’ll have the errata started and halfway completed tomorrow. Today was a productive day and I feel like I have a handle on what is left to complete before Friday. I say that now and I’ll get a change that has to be made or we will lose half of the space station. Love those!

Prepping for a cold front to hit tomorrow evening…I’m searching for running tights as by the time I do my 8 miles on Friday it will be in the high 40’s. I’m a little bummed I haven’t ran since Thanksgiving but I also know work has been crazy and although I promised work wouldn’t get in the way of my running I have to be realistic. So…one week out of 7 week flight prep is something I can be proud of.

Until tomorrow!

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