"Looks Like We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat"

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Oh good grief…the day is drawing to a close. THANK GOODNESS. Changes…changes…changes…there is a change cutoff for a reason. Who cares if we pack in a day. Who cares if we pack the middeck locker next Tuesday. Who cares we have 371 pages currently in the errata. No one will care until December 7th when we lauch that big ole rocket into space! Whatever…that’s all I can muster. Yes, not very articulate but it’s not even worth it. Ok…moving on.

Work has been crazy and I haven’t ran since Thanksgiving. I managed to squeeze in a quick 4 miler before prep for dinner. It was chilly when I started out then it warmed up really fast. I was a buckethead and wore a long sleeve freakin hot shirt. But it was nice to run around the neighborhood for a change of scenery. As I ran through the hood I could smell various turkeys cooking and laundry being done in prep for the big gatherings. It was nice and but a smile on my face.

This was the first Thanksgiving for the hubby and I to host. Several of the fam was in attendence. As hectic as the last hour and half became we had good eats and good company. It is a shame the entire family couldn’t be there for their own reasons.

Friday we recovered and stayed away from the crowds. Saturday we took the in-laws to Old Town Spring. It was a nice day to walk about. Sunday was prep for the week and I still didn’t manage to get another run in. I weighed myself and actually lost a few pounds. Wow…I was shocked. I ate really bad all weekend and then some. Running is taking a back seat this week. I refuse to add more stress to my already stressful days. Currently there are not enough hours in the day. One day…

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