"After all…Tomorrow is another day."

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That day would be Thanksgiving! A day to be thankful, spend time with family and EAT!!! The in-laws made it in safely and I am sure the hubby will keep them busy with errands and shopping. The season of “the pies” began a day early. Nicole asked me to make my pecan pie for her Thanksgiving get together. It’s award winning…lol. I make my own crust…I love my pies! If I could make a living at it I would. We have about 15 people coming over tomorrow. Alot to do between now and then but I don’t let that stuff stress me out. It is what it is and it always ends up perfect in the end. Relax, enjoy and be thankful for EVERYTHING!

I decided not to run yesterday…too much going on. I’ll try today but I may do 3 today and 5 tomorrow and 7 on Saturday, that way I won’t feel so bad about all the food I plan to consume tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and be safe.

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