"Frankly my dear…I don't give a damn"

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Yes…that is exactly my attitude right now with work. Everything seems to be spinning out of control because of one reason or another and I’m expected to figure it out and put it back together again. While some days this is rewarding…I’m now getting the feeling that I’m being taken advantage of. So…I’ll put everything back together because I’m a team player and I’m done until next September! YES!!!

I had a nice moment with the hubby this morning…not that…but I did wish we could crawl back in bed and snuggle. It was that kind of morning. LOVE HIM!

Yesterday I did my 3 miles in 30:00. It was refreshing…the weather was in the low 60’s, a bit on the chilly side in the shade but once I got in the sun it was nice. I ran faster than usual, not on purpose, I was trying to get my body temp up because I was cold. Bryan and Jodie ran on the trails as well…Jodie waited for Bry so I passed them just over the 2 mile mark and saw them again on their way back when I was driving home. They looked cold.

Today it is 5, I’m still debating on doing it or waiting until tomorrow. I guess it will depend if we eat Mateo’s for lunch. I still have a lot on my plate with work and a few more things to get before Thanksgiving on Thursday. We’ll see how it goes. So now I will put a smile on my face and tackle the day with gusto…I’ll get through it, I always do.

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