9 and Barely Walking & Recap of the Weekend

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Last Friday was my 9 mile day, a new PR for mileage. The weather was nice, about 70 but got cooler buy the time I finished 1:44:05 minutes later. The first 3 went smoothly, I didn’t even mind running the street, it seemed to go pretty fast. I was thinking about trying a new path so I didn’t have to go out of the gate then back in BUT I chickened out about halfway down the new path, a car was coming and I believe there was a sign that said do not enter. I’m such a chicken. I was all excited because I was going to get a small break and eat my gel and I decided on Gatorade for an extra boost. Note to self…open Gatorade bottle prior to running. I spent at least 5 minutes trying to open that freaking bottle and I finally had to run back to my car and get my water cause the lid wasn’t budging. That was a site.

I debated the entire length of my 4 and 4.5 mile on whether to go to the 2 mile mark or turn around at the 1.5. I decided what the heck and run the four so I would only have 2 miles left after my second water break. It worked out except that last mile and a half I struggled. I had bonked. I may have ran fast in the beginning, I tried to monitor my pace but who knows. I think it is more my body getting used to the mileage. I was happy to finish. My knees were screaming.

I of course called the hubby and he was very proud of me. He offered to pick up the boy since I finished a bit later than I wanted (stupid work). That was a relief and I was very thankful! I also knew the boy would be happy getting picked up a bit early and spending time with his daddy.

Sitting in a car after 50 minutes is not advised. Dang…I could barely walk. I immediately went to take a shower and just sat. I was freezing from the temperature drop and the sweat. It was nice. I found a mist setting on the shower head and it was totally relaxing. I was recovered by Saturday.

The rest of the weekend was busy. My in-laws are coming in on Tuesday so we spent the entire weekend prepping and working off items on the “to do” list. We finished our plant ledge. Got a chair and a cane and some books. It looks really nice. I’m a little creeped out by the “antique” factor because I’ve heard of spirits being attached to items. We purchased a desk, chair, cane and a few old books. When I walk by I half expect to actually see someone sitting in the chair. I’ll take a pic and post. I am actually happy with the way it turned out. I was going for a Hemmingway travel theme.

So…our cleaning lady flaked on Tuesday and my husband fired her, I may have mentioned that in a previous blog. We thought we were in good shape for another cleaning lady because our neighbor referred hers that she had for 17 years. Unfortunately it took 3 days to get the number, on Thursday, and the cleaning lady doesn’t speak English and our neighbor is the go between. Turns out our neighbor is a flake too! We were trying to get the cleaning lady in on Monday before the in-laws come in but by Saturday I understood that would be a no go and planned on cleaning all day Sunday. Sunday morning we finally got a phone call from our neighbor and Elena didn’t have Monday open anyway and she will stop by on Friday to talk with us about regular cleanings. I’m not holding my breath.

Wow…this is a long one! Alot has been going on and I haven’t even brought up work here. Which…I’m not doing. Except…work is what it is and I’m doing what I have to do and what is expected of me and I’m not worrying about everyone else doing their job. I’ll let the manager do that!

Until tomorrow!!!

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