3 and Out

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I remember the day when 3 miles sounded like 25 miles and actually running it was sheer torture. Now…3 miles has become a walk in the park actually relaxing. Funny (but makes since) how perception changes with repetition and accomplishment. Jojo and I ran 3 yesterday. It was supposed to be my off day but since I didn’t run my 5 on Wednesday due to the winds I went ahead and just did 3 so I wouldn’t wear myself out before my 9 today.

It was a pretty good run, I always run faster in cooler temps and with Jojo 31:29. And I have to stop trying to catch up with people when the pass. It’s that whole competition thing. Thankfully I run earlier than most so I’m not passed too much. I was however hating my lunch in the beginning of the first mile. Note to self…no more Sonic burgers before running…even on low mileage days.

I’m looking forward to today. I wish I could just go run and get it over with now, this morning. It will be a new mileage PR and the weather is perfect. I have that pre-race feeling in the pit of my stomach, excited and nervous at the same time. Perhaps I will try to sneak in a massage this weekend as a reward to myself! Plus the familia is coming in (in-laws and my out-laws). A pre-Thanksgiving massage sounds like something that I deserve in order to get through the next week. Not to mention I our cleaning lady flaked on us Tuesday…fourth time…so hubby fired her. I’m desperately trying to hire another one but I’m told she doesn’t speak very good English. Nice. Yes…I’m am spoiled with a house keeper. Thankfully my husband understands our time is better spent not cleaning a house. Thank you to those that do that for a living…you make my life MUCH easier!

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