I'm just tired…

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Working 10 hour days, running anywhere from 3-9 miles 4 times a week, preparing for a Shuttle flight with things are still changing, family coming in for Thanksgiving and a wife and mom…I’m just tired. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with it all. I just want to sleep for a couple of days and be lazy with the hubby. Perhaps a spa where we can both get a massage, pedicure, facial. Oh that sounds like heaven. Oh and I remembered we get the week between Christmas and New Year’s off! Whooo hooo!!! Now that is something to look forward to. That spa thing may become a day spa experience locally. Not a bad compromise. Me and my man and have some time to ourselves and remember what it was like when it was just us. Two crazy kids with their whole life in front of them. Was it ever just us?

Now back to reality. Running is going ok. A front came through yesterday and dropped the temps to the high 50’s and the wind was gusting 40+ mph. I was still planning on running until I went to visit a friend that just had a baby at the hospital and nearly got my head ripped off from the wind gust. I’m thinking I’ll just run 3 today so I don’t die during my 9 tomorrow. Another mileage milestone I may add.

The hubby surprised me this morning by reminding me that Tuesday is our four year anniversary since we met at a speed dating gig. Funny huh!! We love to see the expression on peoples faces when they find out how we met. Priceless. Hubby is great about remembering dates, anniversaries, I never I have to “remind” him. I was surprised that I hadn’t thought about it (See first line of this post).

Catching up time…now that I have the time I might as well get it all down or it will be forgotten. Last Friday was my 8 miler, second of the week since I switched around my training days. It begins ok, I got out to the trails later than I wanted cause of work stuff, I have a small window depending on my mileage and if I don’t get out on time it gets dark and I pick the boy up later than he likes. Anyway…I evidently packed the shirt from hell to run in. It was a Nike sleeves but it had ridges throughout the shirt. What was I thinking? Around mile 4 I was chafed so bad under my arms and tired of running holding my shirt down I finally took it off to finish the run. Which kinda freaked me out. I’m not in horrible shape but if I’m going to be running around without a shirt and only my sports bra in public I would rather not have any unsightly bulges. Thankfully Friday was a holiday where I work and I was alone on the trails. Anyway, between fighting with my shirt, chafing and getting to the trails late I only did 6 miles. I didn’t beat myself up about it. Monday, when I got to work Nicole told me she saw me running on Friday and I replied, with or without my shirt. LOL…it was kinda funny.

Monday and Tuesday runs went ok. I did 3 (30:49) and 3 (30:33). I was supposed to do 5 on Tuesday but decided to do my Wednesday 3 on Tuesday so I could run 5 on Wednesday with Jojo. Didn’t work out with the gusts and all…we’ll try again today although it’s going to be chilly, may have to invest in a long sleeve shirt at lunch.

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