85 in November

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Could it be any hotter? Well…technically yes, it could be 86. 5 miles completed yesterday and man…I struggled the first couple (53:52). I had a stressful day and I got to the trails later than I wanted. I was sort of looking forward to the escape but as I took my first couple of steps I no longer looked forward to the miles ahead, I was wishing for it to be over. Since I am reworking my long runs to Friday I am having to suck it up this week and my body is screaming. I made a good decision and decided to grab my Gatorade at the 3mile mark and I that made me feel better and I finished strong. My fourth mile began at the start of the trails and a few runners started behind me and passed me…I just wanted to scream…I’ve already ran three and I’m running five. Whatever, like they really care. Perhaps I motivated them to run longer because they passed me. My pointer toe on my left foot is bothering me. I’m worried because I already have runners toe on the right foot. I may be gripping or my right shoe may be too small. I think the gripping may be more of the culprit since my left toe never hurt before today. I’ll have to check that out. Today I’m resting. I really should get some Yoga in to stretch before my long run tomorrow of 8…and it is supposed to be 87. I am considering running in the morning. I don’t want to hate doing my long runs this early in the game. It’s all good, it’s fun to see the interest in running spread like wildfire. Jojo and I talk about it incessantly and we have others joining the ranks and join in the fun. I’m having a good time.

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