Feature Film – The Little Mermaid

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Fall is finally here and very much welcomed! This weekend was a crazy busy weekend, the first of many for the rest of the year. Saturday we did a CostCo run, it’s amazing how much money we spend at Costco. We did by a lot of food…it’s alway fun to find new things for Seth to eat.

Saturday afternoon we went to a pumpkin festival held in our subdivision. It was a pretty nice setup. There was a pumpkin patch, pumpkin decorating, story time, a magic show and a play in the hay area. Our 2 yr old LOVED it! He’s an interesting one…I call him an old soul. He has never been one to run around and be out of control (yes…I know he is still two). He needs to ease into a situation and check it out. He is quite the observer. Once he is comfortable with the situation he goes full throttle – this he gets from his Dad. I’m the fly by the seat of their pants girl and my husband is the analytical one. I think both qualities are equally good.

Sunday started early for me, I went to Galveston to help my friend Nicole set up her jewelry booth for Artoberfest. Fall decided to arrive and it was a rainy and on the chilly side. Not complaining too much because mid-60’s are definitely welcomed over mid-90’s in Oct. The boys to the opportunity to spend some time together in the morning and when I came home our family had grown by one! Let us all welcome NEMO…our new beta fish. “Oh…Daddy”! Seth loves the fish and it is exciting to watch him look and talk to him…or her…but we’ll go with him for now.

Our feature film Sunday afternoon was the Little Mermaid. We have a theatre room in our home that consists of a 106 inch screen and we have started a Wayne Family tradition with watching movies Sunday afternoon complete with popcorn and goobers, mixed (I prefer raisinettes). So far we have watched “Toy Story”, “The Incredibles”, “The Little Mermaid”. Seth LOVES IT, although he does tend to freak out when Ursula becomes 106 inches.

I’m off to run 6 or 7 miles today…I’m ticked that I have to go home first, I forgot my running stuff when I left the house this morning at 5am! Prolly something to do with being sleep deprived. I may normally put the run off until tomorrow but the weather is too nice. Wish me luck…here’s to running the longest ever in my running career.

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