"You’re a Daisy if you do…"

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So last I posted I was getting ready for a 5K. Not ready early enough evidently, meaning I was told by my friend it started at 7:15a so I pulled in the parking lot at 6:59…needless to say when the race started my friend and I were still in the parking lot…never a dull moment around here. So we sprinted to the table hoping for a chip, nope…great! Long story short I practically sprinted the first mile and as a result finished with a new personal record! I really makes a difference when the temperature is twenty degrees less and no where near the upper 90’s! I guess I should also credit the whole training thing.

So…a friend sent this to me today, not sure where it came from but I had to share in order to get the word out to others who may feel weak:

Okay, it is official. We are being ripped off. There are officially no new ideas out in the fashion world today. Ladies, in case you haven’t been to the mall in awhile…….stretch pants are back. If you are reading this and this 2 letter word combo has never been on your tongue before………you are too young to understand my soap box diatribe (is that redundant?) and you are dismissed. Reasons 1- 5 stretch pants are a bad idea:
1. If you wore it the first time around……DO NOT DO IT twice. I am urging you not to give it a
second thought. I mean it, not even the cute ones with Madonna lace around the ankles……

2. I don’t care if you still have great legs….say this with me, “I am not 13 anymore, I am not 13

3. What would Stacy and Clinton say? Always be on the look out for cameras.

4. Many of my 30 – something – friends are in shape and look fantastic….I am well aware I do
not. I give in to nostalgia way to much in my wardrobe as it is (2 words: scrunchie and vest) to
be stuffing myself like a sausage into pencil thin lycra based pants that will show my “I had a
kid body”

5. Okay here is the big guns of my speech……..Have you been to wal-mart lately? Look around,
my friend, take a long hard look. There is a woman buying a can of aqua net and a Billy Rae
Cyrus cd just over there…..and what is she wearing? ……………….STRECH PANTS

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