"He gets up…she gets up…we all get up…It'll be Anarchy"

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So…it has happened. I gave in…and decided to start one of these things. Why you ask??? You probably didn’t but I’ll assume you did because I can. Cause everyone else is doing it??? Probably! My husband has one, my best friends have theirs and I am adicted to dooce.com…oh my gosh that woman is my freakin hero! I think we share the same thoughts. So what the heck. My hat is officially in the ring. I don’t have high expectations…just documenting thoughts and goings on in my life right now. OH! I love movies so my titles will always correspond with a movie that fits my mood of the day. Feel free to guess the title! I should point out I am from the south…you may have already figured that out. I know how to read, write and spell…but this is my freakin blog so I reserve the right to misspell words use slang and incoherant sentences as often as I see fit. Whoo…better now! Enjoy

I commence running two miles in about thirty minutes. I’m training for a half marathon! What the heck am I thinking? I thought the only running I would be doing would be when I was being chased. Scary how weight loss can make you do anything when you start seeing results! I had a baby a little over two years ago and I’ve never lost 15 lbs of my pregancy weight…of course eating and excerising are tried and true solutions to the 15 lbs issue but who wants to do it the hard way. Anyhoo…I have a co-worker who has been running and after three months…she looked great. Being an athelete…aging…back problems…ailments (getting old sucks) and time were always my excuses. So decided to start with baby steps and tried Yoga. LOVE IT! Yoga helped my back problems and enabled me to start running so my friend pressured…I mean convinced me to run a half marathon. I committed myself and although I hate running…I love the “runners high” AND I have so much energy. Enough of the weight loss commercial but it freakin works. Follow an 18 week 1/2 marathon training schedule and you’ll get that last 15 off! One more thing…Campbell’s Chunky Veggie soup has 110 calories per serving and there is 2 servings in one huge can! Great dinner! Not too heavy after a run and hello!!! Filled up with only 220 calories…sign me up!

Since I have running on the brain…anyone that is thinking about running or is an avid runner has to get the new iPOD NANO and the running chip thingy. Freakin awesome. Records your workouts…talks to you…you can monitor your pace and time with “the voice”. I call it that because in the middle of my workout the NANO talks to me and tells me how long I’ve been running and if I want more detailed information it will tell me my pace and distance. I really need to name “the voice”. Something sexy…I’ll have to think about that one. Must do it by Saturday. I have a 5K I’m running in…a little nervous but I’m excited that it will be about 20 degrees cooler than when I normally run. I reckon I can gain some time too!

Lastly, Grey’s tonight! Seriously! LOVE IT! I can’t tell you how many times those episodes have hit home…no…not the panties but wow! McDreamy and McSteamy! HOT-TY!! My mouth fell open when McSteamy walked out of the bathroom…first because oh my gosh was he hot then…OH NO HE DIDN’T! Best show ever.

My Top three shows: Grey’s, Studio 60, Lost!!!

Until tomorrow!

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